BigBuy Ultimate Dropshipping Solution

This is the best dropshipping module by far if you want to sell the BigBuy dropshipping assortment. This Hybride Solution will make your shop smooth, fast updating and exact! Let me tell you history and why other modules don't work good... Read more below

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First about Bigbuys own solution: In 2021 Bigbuy skimped down on access to their API to promote use of their own Multi-Channel Integration Platform. That platform is usable in some ways, but have limitations to 25K products. All shops also have to use Euro as main currency. Big issue is also you have to manually remove products in Prestashop to get out new products if you up to the 25K limit.

This skimped down made the independent solutions (even sold today) not able to correctly update stock, correct prices and add products in to Prestashop in a good way = Very unstabile.

As we have many merchants we help with both hosting and Prestashop technical support, that sell Bigbuys assortment, their problems have give us headache too. This modules have and had issues like duplicate products, product names missing, wrong prices, wrong product images, wrong stock etc. we had to resolve by this by manual lookovers and manual imports.

End off 2021 we desided to build a new Bigbuy solution for Prestashop ourself. Only way to deal with this was to make a module hybrid that use both API and XML files. This solution we come up with have made this module both stabile, reliable and fast. Moreover this module have functions never seen before in a BigBuy solution. It don't matter if you already have BigBuy products in your Prestashop. Our module will find both products and categories and use these if you want. If you are new to BigBuy, the module will add either all or your selection of categories. You will always be able to easily exclude parts of their product range if you want.

So except of a easy to use, stabile, fast and reliabel upload of BigBuy products, stock and prices this module also feature:

  • Import of actual shipping weight
    So what is actual shipping weight? Volume weight are used for bulky packages. If the volume weight is higher than the physical weight, a calculated volume weight is imported to Prestashop and that is the weight your customers pay shipping on.

  • Include shipping price in sale price (Price increment by weight)
    Shipping price is today a big issue that many customers leave their cart because of high shipping price. By a actual shipping weight in Prestashop together with a shipping price table you can add in the module, our module add that shipping price in to sale price. In this way you even can run with Free shipping without getting broke of Bigbuys shipping rates. Example: a product you would sell is 19.90 Euro + shipping. Shipping cost is 2 Euro. You will sell this product for 21.90 Euro with low or FREE SHIPPING.

    If you don't want to include shipping price in PRICE, you can choose to use Bigbuy carriers and shipping price as an option to show in your checkout. Up to you, and your stategy to make good sale!

  • Different margins on categories
    By making profiles you can override the default margin you set in configuration. In profiles you connect categories and can put lower and higher margin on products in this categories. That makes your products more competetive on the market. As example computer parts and computers have often lower margin then jewellery.

  • Disable or enable import of Refurbished product
    This function give you the choice of selling all the refurbished products Bigbuy have, or not. This refurbished of product often come in one or a few, and this take just as much space on your server as ordinary products. This refurbished products often missing parts, are some used so customer not want them and often get returned again... to you this time if you sell them. Refurbished products have higher return rate then new products.

  • Speed stock update
    By only updating critical stock like 5 or less, the stock updates are smooth and fast without risk for you sell a item without stock on Bigbuy

  • Attribute mapping
    Mapp all Bigbuys attribute products (product variantes) much smarter. Use less types of attributes. Bigbuy has over 30 attributes today you easilly instead can map in to less. Why have size and shoe size? If you want to sell in to marketplaces less is better. Normal is to use one size attribute. Best is you use 3 attributes: Color, Size and Choose

  • Clean-up
    Often Bigbuy just remove items, and in this case you get stock without stockupdate in your Prestashop and you sell a discontinued item that your customer get angry when you can't deliver. But sometime also this is a feed problem at Bigbuy and the item is not discontinued. Just missing in the feed once. Well, if a products is not in the feed anymore our module will put it out of stock and disable it. Then in the clean-up function you can see how long this product been out of stock and make a choice yourself to remove them from the module and Prestashop products at the same time.

  • Module built in currency coversion rate. Use your local currency
    Bigbuys product feed comes default with Euro as currency. Built in our module is also a conversion rate so you don't have to use Euro as default in your shop. You can use your local currency easily by add like how much of your local currency you pay for 1 Euro. For example SEK (Swedish kronor) you put approx. 10 as value. For DKK (Danish kronor) you put approx. 7. If you anyway have Euro as default currecy, you put 1.


  • Dropshipping
  • Prestashop 1.7.X


Step by step instructions how to setup module and start sell Bigbuys assortment

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